Why Choose IntaRide?

We proudly boast over 25 years serving the Motorcycle industry

We are experienced in what we do, keeping your motorcycle instructors and students connected with reliable motorcycle communications.

GENUINE Motorcycle Communications Radio & Bluetooth

In this new age of technology & amazon prime the market has been flooded with cheap walkie-talkie radios and even cheaper bluetooth units with the words “Motorcycle Communications” slapped on the box! Couple that with some poorly translated instructions, even worse customer support and you’ll soon find you’re at the road side at the complete mercy of the Ebay seller as you’re hopelessly trying to pair your system up! With IntaRide your motorcycle instructors can rest easy knowing that all of our products are trialled and tested in real on road training environments with a variety of local training schools before they hit our shelves.

Customer Support

When you purchase any of our motorcycle communications products not only can you  rest assured that your kit has been tested and optimised to perform best for motorcycle training  but in addition to this you also get the full support of our general customer service and technical support teams, regardless of whether it’s 10 minutes before your motorcycle instructors set out or on the road side pouring with rain, Bluetooth pairing sequences or Radio PMR446 we will do everything we can to keep your motorcycle instructors and students communicating.