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What’s in the kit?

1x DK68 Bluetooth to radio connector unit

1x Bluetooth PTT button

2x USB charging leads

1x Manual


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DK68 Bluetooth headset to two-way UHF VHF radio adapter with Bluetooth PTT

This kit is designed to link your Bluetooth helmet headset to a 2-way walkie talkie radio via a Bluetooth dongle that you plug into the side of the radio and a Bluetooth Press To Talk (PTT) button that you can mount to your handlebar grip (clutch side) or a finger, using the integral Velcro strap.

The main unit pairs to your headset as a phone would, so it is universal for pairing to virtually any headset make or model.

The main unit will automatically re-connect to your Bluetooth helmet headset if you go out of range and return. Not all makes of Bluetooth helmet headset support this feature, we know that the IntaRide S-3 Bluetooth helmet headset DOES support this.

The remote Bluetooth PTT button is paired directly to the main unit, not through your Bluetooth helmet headset, so it does not take up any extra pairing connections.


Main unit charge time 3 hrs, battery life 10+ hrs. The unit can be powered indefinitely via a usb lead.

Bluetooth PTT charge time 3 hrs, battery life 10+ hrs

This kit does NOT support VOX

The main unit fits IntaRide, Kenwood, Baofeng, Mitex radios with standard 2-pin Kenwood connectors.

For other makes of radio, please call.


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£ 109.00

Dk68 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet to two way radio interface unit showing the Kenwood radio connection pins DK68 Bluetooth radio interface top view showing the function button Bluetooth PTT button with integral velcro strap