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-Up to 5 watts UHF output power (will require an OFCOM License for non PMR446 use)

-Alloy Chasis, extremely tough build quality.

-High Capacity 2000mah battery & charger for extra battery duration.

-Available in UHF private licensed channels

-Pre-Programmed with the NEW EXTENDED 16 PMR446 FREQUENCIES

-CTCSS & DCS Coding ensures cross compatibility with a wide variety of other makes of radio.

-Up to 4 watts UHF / 5 watts VHF Output power (VHF Will require an OFCOM License)

-Alloy Chasis encasing internals, incredibly robust.

-High Capacity 2000mah battery & charger for increased duration

-16 Channels available PMR446 Version comes pre-set to Kenwoods 16 channels available in UHF, VHF , PMR446 , PMR477 (New Zealand & Australia) FRS / GMRS (US)

-CTCSS & DCS Coding ensure cross compatibility with other makes and models of radio.

Two-Way Radios

IntaRide has been trading for over 20 years, during this time we have used and sold a wide variety of Two-Way Radio products, the following selection of two-way radios are our contemporary systems that we actively supply technical support as well as repairs and spared for. These radios are available in both private (UHF/VHF) and public (PMR/FRS) Frequencies.

Our Two-Way Radios are built with alloy chassis for strength and durability.

The UHF radios cover the 410 to 480Mhz bandwidth, suitable for all UHF licensed users.

The VHF radios are available in almost any VHF frequency you need for your selected OFCOM Radio Communications License.

IR-920 Two-Way Radio

IR-630 Two-Way Radio

The IR-920 Is a small unit packing an intense tool kit for accurate and professional two-way radio communications during disciplined motorcycle training. With it’s impressive set we often recommend this radio to experienced motorcycle instructors who are familiar with two-way radio communications .

We can programme this radio to your own UHF Radio frequencies

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The IR-630 radio is a real workhorse of a unit. Robust, Reliable and incredibly user intuitive means that it’s best used as motorcycle student radios. Having just two knobs this unit is practically “Fiddle-Proof” especially useful for new and untrained staff members.

We can programme this radio to your own UHF Radio frequencies

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