MESH Bluetooth Intercom

MESH Bluetooth Intercom

MESH Bluetooth Intercom will link up to 32 riders on the SAME network.

This unit also has Bluetooth for connection to other riders using the “Universal Bluetooth” parings.

Bluetooth for either Phone, GPS, Music with next, last, pause and play functions as well as an FM radio.

10 Hours battery life.

Complete with helmet headset with twin high fidelity speakers, boom and wire microphones, fixed plate or “bulldog” clip helmet fittings.

Very simple to setup, one button connection.

Each unit has 10 channels and each channel can connect with up to 32 other units.

FAQ:  No, it won’t link with other makes of MESH intercom, but it does have a “Universal” pairing function to link 1 to 1 with other makes of intercom via Bluetooth.
FAQ: Not currently suitable for Instructor training as we don’t have stock of suitable student earpieces – yet!


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