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Instructor full kit


NexGen headset with noise cancelling microphone and twin speakers


PTT Switch

Radio Connector

Purchasing your IntaRide Instructor kit could not be easier!

After 20+ years of supplying professional instructors worldwide, we can recommend 2 “basic” kit types. The kits come as standard with a handlebar mounted  PTT switch that gives you the facility to momentary transmit, or permanently transmit for up to 10 minutes continually.

If you want to mount the instructor radio directly to the bike, the optional kit is available to 12v power the radio, add a remote antenna for best performance and an extension lead for the headset - everything you need in one package!

We have fixed the student radios as IR-630 units.  They are reliable, robust and by far the best choice.

The ONLY choice you need to make is which instructor radio to use:  The IR-920 or the IR-650

NexGen radio wiring harness NexGen radio connector Instructor PTT transmit switch - Momentary + Permanent switch options

2x Student radios

2x Earpieces

3x Radio pouches

Superflex student earpiece Superflex student earpieces Radio pouch 1 Radio pouch 2 Radio pouch 3

  Radio Comparison Chart

Radio Comparison Chart


Full Kit = £  381.48

IR-650 Info

If you want to keep the Instructor radio on the bike, we have a kit that includes:

1x 12v bike power adapter for the radio

1x Remote antenna kit with .75m lead

1x Headset extension lead

Full Kit =  £   95.50

IR-920 Info

Full Kit = £  389.48

Inta 650 Two-Way Radio Inta 650 Two-Way Radio