T-94 Bluetooth training school package

T-94 Bluetooth training school package

T-94 Bluetooth training school package

T94 Bluetooth training school package:

1x Instructor to 2x Students, including earpieces

T-94 Bluetooth training school package is a complete kit for a motorcycle instructor to train 2 students.
All our systems support at least 4 riders so a trainee instructor / DVSA can easily be joined to the group.

The T-94 Bluetooth training school package uses Bluetooth signals to link the riders together.
The kit comprises:
1x Instructor kit with Bluetooth helmet headset, twin speakers and a choice of boom or wire microphone, a helmet fitting kit and USB charging lead.
2x Student Bluetooth units, 3.5mm 4-pole Superflex “D” shaped earpieces and USB charging leads.
The system is always “ON” which means there are no PTT buttons and as it’s not VOX you do not need to cough or “huff” at the microphone to activate it, just speak normally and both students hear you at the same time.

Working range is 1200 metres, battery life approximately 15 hours on a full charge.
Internal battery is replaceable, ensuring a long working life for this product.

The most common setup has the students using just standard “D” shape earpieces for “listen only”, but we also offer speakers + microphone headsets that simply slide up inside the student helmet so that the student can talk back. Ideal for advanced training of students with special requirements.

Complete with USB charging leads – Mains USB adapters are NOT included in these kits.


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