Motorcycle 2 way radio kit

Motorcycle 2-Way Radio Kit

Motorcycle 2 way radio kit

Motorcycle 2 way radio kit for regular “Bike to Bike” use.  Each rider has a headset, 2 way radio and PTT button. Fantastic range and fully compatible with other makes of 2 way radio systems making it a flexible and reliable solution for rideouts with friends.

During group riding the leader and tail rider can communicate easily at distances of a mile+, a massive advantage for safety and control.

Complete instructor kits are available and include everything to get started.

Two PTT “Press To Transmit” versions are available:
1) The button is a simple “press whilst transmitting” button, ideal for riders.
2) The switch is a toggle switch that allows both momentary or permanent transmission, perfect for training.

Each kit has a headset with twin speakers & a noise cancelling boom microphone, a harness cable to link the rider to the radio and a PTT button that fits easily to a clutch-side grip with a releasable ty-wrap.

The radio can be housed in an IntaRide weatherproof pouch (see spares/accessories) or it fitted directly to the bike, in a tank bag or under the seat. 12v bike adapters power the radio directly from the bike and a headset extension lead from helmet to bike is also available (see spares/accessories)


  • *Choose Your Connector

    NexGen UNI Radio Connector Chart

    *Choose Your PTT

    • PTT Switch

      PTT switch


    Choose Your Radio (Optional)

    Choose Your Extension (Optional)

    Spare Accessories (Optional)

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    Full Training Kit (Optional)

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